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Have been diagnosed with thyroid nodule(s) and/or breast fibroadenoma? Echotherapy might be the best solution for you. Medical doctors use to call it “the gentle alternative to surgery”. 

Echotherapy is the only non-invasive treatment for benign thyroid nodules and breast fibroadenoma.

Echotherapy medical device combines two types of technologies: HIFU and ultrasound. HIFU means High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. In the brochure below you will find more detailed information about.

The most significant benefits of Echotherapy treatment:

  • NO surgery,
  • NO scars,
  • NO hospitalization,
  • Affordable prices.

Read more details about the pathology and Echotherapy treatment in the brochure below!  


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Bio Terra Med is the only medical center accredited to perform Echotherapy treatments in Eastern European countries.

With a proven track record in the last 10 years since we brought the first HIFU equipment and started to treat uterine fibroids, our medical team became one of the best in this part of the world. Our pioneering work continued with HIFU treatments for prostate cancer. 

Later on, due to our close collaboration with the Medical Research Division within Medicine University from Pleven (Bulgaria) and Sv. Marina Hospital we extended our area of treatments, being able today to offer the possibility of accessing HIFU treatments for certain types of liver & pancreatic cancer.

Continuous development in the area of medical cutting edge technologies is our natural way of doing things.

We’ve already treated with a very high success rate patients from: UK, France, Ireland, Denmark, NorwayItaly, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Moldavia, Algeria, United Arab Emirates and of course Romania.

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