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Lansarea oficială a ecoterapiei a avut loc pe 4 octombrie 2017 sub înaltul patronaj al Excelenței sale, doamna ambasador Michele Ramis, la reședința acesteia de la Ambasada Franței la București.

La eveniment au fost prezente, în calitate de oaspeți – personalități ilustre ale domeniului medical din România care au arătat un viu interes față de metoda de tratament și tehnologia din spatele acesteia. Deschiderea domniilor lor ne dă astfel speranța ca adresabilitatea în rândul pacienților din România să ajungă foarte curând cel puțin la nivelul aceleia din rândul pacienților din alte țări pe care îi avem deja programați pentru tratament.

Ecoterapia se realizează de la sfârșitul lunii martie 2017 la Bio Terra Med – singurul centru medical acreditat în Estul Europei și este singurul tratament neinvaziv pentru tumorile benigne de tiroidă și sân.

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Let’s talk about echotherapy 

Echotherapy is the only non-invasive treatment for benign thyroid nodules and breast fibroadenoma. More details about the pathology and treatment in the brochure bellow. 

Bio Terra Med is the only medical centre accredited to perform echotherapy treatments in Eastern European countries. With a proven experience about 8 years since we brought the first HIFU equipment and started to treat uterine fibroids, our medical team became one of the best in this part of the world. Our pioneering continued with HIFU treatments for prostate cancer. We were also the first to bring a Roentgen equipment in a private medical centre in Romania.

So the decision to continue to develop our area of treatments with another cutting edge technology was a natural way to do things for us. 

The partnership with the French company Theraclion started at the end of March 2017 and the news started to spread all around the world. Until the end of this year we already have scheduled for treatment patients from Scotland, Russia, Moldavia, Algeria, United Arab Emirates and of course Romania.  

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About the echotherapy treatment with MD Cornel Lungu, Head Physician
Dr. Cornel Lungu - Ecoterapie
Cornel Lungu - Head Physician, Specialist in Echotherapy
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During my treatment (aprox. 15 min) I felt some sort of easy burnings for few seconds. On a pain scale from 1 to 10 I can say that the first 3 were at 3 and the last one I felt it at 5 probably because the sensitivity of the area increased a bit. Due to the professionalism and kindness of the extended medical team (MD Cornel Lungu - Head Physician, one anesthetist doctor, a psychotherapist and few nurses) I can say that my experience was an easy and pleasant one. Now, after 6 weeks after the treatment I already forget that I had a thyroid problem.
Male patient, 43 years old

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